Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wait, I have a blog?


Last April was my last post...

Let's not even look at my journal I'm supposed to keep up on...

I should probably put up a family picture with all our family members in it...

Let's just say that life has been pretty crazy and I've pretty much checked out the past year. This year has flown by and we have done some awesome things. The kids are all bigger and busier than ever.

Where to start....where to start.... mmmmmm

Hawaii of course!!

Ha ha! Mark and I took a trip to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and I want to blog about it so I have a record of it. Purely selfish reasons of course. That is the nice thing about a blog; it is a fun online journal with pictures. Sooooo, I'm off to take a shower and let's hope it's not April 2015 before I blog about Hawaii.


  1. What a great trip--can't wait to hear about it. I blog about like you do!!

  2. Hey awesome! I started blogging again today too! Great minds think alike. ;) I love seeing what you are up to.